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Self-care means we are recognizing the relationship we have with ourselves and prioritizing it – this means we have to put in intentional effort to sustain it.

Self Care Is:

1. Self care us about not allowing anyone to dishonor or discredit you. 


2. Self care means knowing who you are and your limits.

3. Sometimes, self care is about teaching not only yourself, but teaching other people how to treat you. 

4. Self care means getting the sleep you need and knowing how to rest.

5. Self care means making sure that your body & soul are well fed.

6. Self care means taking time to get to know you better.

7. Self care means identifying what you enjoy doing and what's fun for you and make a serious effort to integrate it into your day.

8. Self care means taking the time to understand who and who's you are and taking the necessary time and effort to love yourself!

What Is Self Care? 

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