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Robin Reid
Ambassador Servant for Christ
Transformational Speaker

Hi, I'm Robin!

Motivational Ambassador, Servant, Business Owner and Entrepreneur for Christ from Chesapeake, VA.


I want to encourage and empower the world of how God transformed my life. By his loving grace God blessed me with a preschool for children, where i am able to love, honor, and cherish other children. This blessing allows me to give to children what I never received as a child from my mother..... Love! God took my trauma and adversaries from just barely surviving into surrendering to his will which lead to hope and turned …

Hope into strength!

Strength into Determination!

Determination into Perseverance!

And perseverance into Courage! 

I then entered into his grace and favor and that favor lead me into victory leading to multiple centuries of Generational Blessings! 

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